Senior Senior

Time flies when you’re having fun, eh? It’s hard to believe that I’ll be starting my senior year of high school this fall. Where does the time go? I remember as a little girl dreaming of growing up to become a princess. I kissed a couple frogs in the process of learning that I may not be […]

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SENIOR PICS: SNEAK PEEK Holy cowbells I’m getting old. Somebody sign me up for a life alert. Do you ever just look back and say, “Wow, for some reason these pictures make me look 20 some years old yet I still get carded at PG13 movies, what’s up with that?” No? Maybe that’s just my



My Weekend in a Nutshell

Nail Painting! – Loving this Really Red Essie nail polish, doesn’t it match my watermelon perfectly? (;(If you guys would like me to do a tutorial on the milkmaid braids pictured here as well, leave a comment below!) Cooking up a storm! – Made these scrumptious banana-peanut-butter-sandwiches (cut a banana into semi-thin slices and pair 2

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Summer Uniform

Confession: I joined the trendy high-waisted mom-jean shorts club. White Suit Vest / Dolce Vita Sandals (On sale!) / Gold Bangles / Fedora Hat Most of these pieces are vintage but similar items as follows: Layered Pendant Necklaces / Ring Necklace / Gold Rings / Denim Shorts (more below) / Gold Frame Sunglasses / Blue Shirt / Fedora During the Summer, I hate wearing tight pants. Truth be told, I hate wearing tight pants in

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Swim Season

“She wore an itsy bitsy teenie weenie yellow polka dot bikini…” Does anyone else have that song burned into their memory? I remember the first time hearing that song I instantly felt compelled to go out and buy a yellow polka dot bikini – I was a pretty impressionable child. I guess the same thing

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off shoulder fashion

Off Shoulder Smolder

“Gimme that off-the-shoulder smolder, sugar.” Hi, I’m Shelby and I’ve given into the off-the-shoulder-everything look. I have no shame in that either. I remember in seventh grade having a deeply rooted obsession with the 80’s revival of the off-the-shoulder look. That obsession never got to fully live itself out because “shoulders are too scandalous” for

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Homeward Bound

This past weekend I headed home to the brutal winters of MN. Crazy how things have changed in the past 4 years that I’ve lived in NY yet home still feels the same way it used to.. almost like it’s been trapped in 2016 since I left. For instance, winter is just as cold and

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Fifty Shades of Pink

Floral A-Line Skirt // Pink Earrings // Pink Lipstick // Pink Fur Jacket (under $60) // Pink Nail Polish // Magenta Pumps (under $30) // Pink Cream Eye Shadow // Pink Sunglasses // Pink ‘Wink’ Clutch // Pink Scallop Heart Bikini // Pink Lace Dress // Pink Cashmere Scarf // Pink Polka Dot Socks // Pink Cable Knit Pom Pom Beanie (on sale) // Pink Floral Pencil Skirt // Pink Sateen Dress // Pink Kitty Flats // Pink Stripe Dress (under $100) // Pink Perfume // Pink Leather Bow Gloves  Pink has always

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