Holy cowbells I’m getting old. Somebody sign me up for a life alert.

Do you ever just look back and say, “Wow, for some reason these pictures make me look 20 some years old yet I still get carded at PG13 movies, what’s up with that?” No? Maybe that’s just my life then.

So I got my senior pictures back a few days ago and I couldn’t be more excited! The experience of getting your picture taken is truly unique. I’ve personally never really been one to be in front of the camera other than on my blog here; you’d usually find me behind it snapping happily away at seemingly random objects to get the “artsy” shot. But I will happily admit here today that it was such a great time and I would gladly do it again given the opportunity! I honestly can’t decide what I love most about how they turned out; the lighting is incredible, the colors are striking, I actually look pretty close to my age… the list goes on and on.

A huge thanks to Justin Mark!