Summer Uniform

Confession: I joined the trendy high-waisted mom-jean shorts club.

White Suit Vest / Dolce Vita Sandals (On sale!) / Gold Bangles / Fedora Hat

Most of these pieces are vintage but similar items as follows:

Layered Pendant Necklaces / Ring Necklace / Gold Rings / Denim Shorts (more below) / Gold Frame Sunglasses / Blue Shirt / Fedora

During the Summer, I hate wearing tight pants. Truth be told, I hate wearing tight pants in general. So you could probably predict why Summer is one of my favorite season’s (AKA “no ‘pants’ party”). On most summer days you’ll see me in some form of this outfit. I’m quite a sucker for a constructed jacket (especially this ASOS one from my Birthday Wishlist), they take a simple outfit up a notch making it look like you put more thought into it even if you did just roll out of bed and throw the first thing you saw on. Also, in the Summer, denim shorts are a must. I couldn’t tell you how often I wear them if I tried, I consider them lifesaving summer essential. Yes, I said lifesaving; because who knows when you’re going to need some red denim shorts to wave down mercy to a bull. Always be prepared my friends.