Fifty Shades of Pink

Floral A-Line Skirt // Pink Earrings // Pink Lipstick // Pink Fur Jacket (under $60) // Pink Nail Polish // Magenta Pumps (under $30) // Pink Cream Eye Shadow // Pink Sunglasses // Pink ‘Wink’ Clutch // Pink Scallop Heart Bikini // Pink Lace Dress // Pink Cashmere Scarf // Pink Polka Dot Socks // Pink Cable Knit Pom Pom Beanie (on sale) // Pink Floral Pencil Skirt // Pink Sateen Dress // Pink Kitty Flats // Pink Stripe Dress (under $100) // Pink Perfume // Pink Leather Bow Gloves 

Pink has always been one of my favorite colors, even when I tried to deny it during my 3rd grade tomboy phase, which only lasted a week before caving into the pink sweater I wore for almost 3 years straight; the sweater inevitably became very holy (and not in a Roman Empire kind of way), but that’s another story. 

Any shade of pink is one I love; blush baby pink to bright pigmented magenta and anything (or everything really) in between I am drawn to, thus I’m always looking for the color in different silhouettes and trying to find different ways to wear it. This season’s “it” color, blush, has always been my utmost favorite, long before it became an “it” color. Clothed in the color from birth, it has hardly ever escaped my wardrobe, with the exception of the tomboy phase and growing out of my favorite sweaters in the color. I seem to fall in love with pink every time I see it; I always find myself taking pictures of pink flowers, doors, even dresses in stores and pinning anything pink I find on Pinterest – to the point where I’ve dedicated an entire board to the color pink. I’m basically a “pink addict”, but I’m completely okay with that. Hopefully my Pinterest followers are as well…