off shoulder fashion

Off Shoulder Smolder

“Gimme that off-the-shoulder smolder, sugar.”

Hi, I’m Shelby and I’ve given into the off-the-shoulder-everything look. I have no shame in that either.

I remember in seventh grade having a deeply rooted obsession with the 80’s revival of the off-the-shoulder look. That obsession never got to fully live itself out because “shoulders are too scandalous” for a middle school classroom. I really wanted to give those rules the cold shoulder and disregard every single one of them, but, alas, my mother was not quite as into the idea. I’m still a bit peeved about it if you haven’t noticed, but hey now I get to live it out in all of its glory so who’s the real winner? Although I will cede to the rules that it gets a bit chilly on occasion. But only this once. Well maybe I’ll cede them another point on the fact that they probably saved me some pretty laughable awkward middle school memories, but that’s the last time.

Rules are still for chumps.