what should i wear after nipple piercings

What Should I Wear After Nipple Piercings

Nipple piercings are an exciting form of self-expression, but they also require a bit of care and consideration when it comes to what you wear. After getting nipple piercings, you might be wondering what clothing is best to wear during the healing process. In this blog post, we’ll discuss what you should wear after nipple piercings to keep them clean, comfortable, and healthy.

5 Comfortable and Stylish Clothing Options to Wear After Getting Nipple Piercings

Getting nipple piercings can be exciting, but it also comes with some discomfort during the healing process. Choosing the right clothing to wear can help you feel more comfortable and stylish. Loose-fitting tops made of soft fabrics like cotton or bamboo are great options to consider.

Flowy dresses or tunics are also perfect for covering up and allowing your skin to breathe. Crop tops or bras with lace or other embellishments may irritate your piercing, so it’s best to avoid them until you’ve fully healed. Hoodies and sweatshirts are also comfortable options that keep you warm and cozy during the healing process.

You can also try wearing clothing that doesn’t require a bra, like a loose tank top or a bralette.

How To Dress for The Healing Process After Getting Nipple Piercings

It’s important to dress for comfort during the healing process after getting nipple piercings. You’ll want to avoid tight-fitting clothing and anything that puts pressure on your piercings. Opt for clothing made of breathable, soft materials like cotton or bamboo.

Bras with underwire can be especially uncomfortable during the healing process, so consider wearing a bralette or sports bra instead. Avoid wearing jewelry or accessories that could catch on your piercing and cause further irritation. It’s also important to keep your clothing clean to prevent any bacteria from getting into your piercing.

Make sure to follow your piercer’s aftercare instructions and avoid submerging your piercing in water until it’s fully healed.

Fashion Do’s and Don’ts After Getting Nipple Piercings

After getting nipple piercings, there are some fashion do’s and don’ts to keep in mind. Do wear loose-fitting clothing made of soft fabrics like cotton or bamboo to avoid irritating your piercing.

Do wear a clean and supportive bra, like a sports bra or bralette, to keep your piercing secure and comfortable.

Don’t wear bras with underwire, as they can be uncomfortable and may rub against your piercing. Don’t wear tight-fitting clothing that can put pressure on your piercing and delay the healing process.

Avoid wearing jewelry or accessories that could catch on your piercing and cause irritation.

The Best Fabrics to Wear After Getting Nipple Piercings

Choosing the right fabrics to wear after getting nipple piercings is crucial for comfort and healing. Soft and breathable fabrics like cotton, bamboo, and modal are great options that won’t irritate your piercing. These fabrics are also gentle on the skin and allow for airflow, which can help prevent any bacterial growth around your piercing.

Avoid fabrics that are rough or scratchy, like wool or polyester, as they can irritate the sensitive skin around your piercing. You’ll also want to avoid wearing anything that can catch on your piercing, like lace or other embellishments.

Tips For Accessorizing with Nipple Piercings

Accessorizing with nipple piercings can be a fun and stylish way to show off your new piercing. However, it’s important to be mindful of the types of jewelry and accessories you choose. Avoid anything that could catch on your piercing, like long necklaces or dangling earrings.

Instead, opt for shorter necklaces and stud earrings. If you want to wear a statement necklace, consider layering it with a shorter necklace that won’t catch on your piercing. When choosing clothing with embellishments like beads or sequins, make sure they are securely attached and won’t snag on your piercing.

Finally, make sure to keep your piercing clean and dry when wearing jewelry or accessories to prevent any irritation or infection.


In conclusion, taking care of your new nipple piercings is crucial for a healthy healing process. Wearing comfortable, breathable clothes that avoid irritation around the area can aid the process. Don’t hesitate to consult with your piercer if you have any concerns or questions about your healing process and clothing choices.