How to Staycation

With Spring Break on the horizon, I am constantly badgered with others telling me about how excited they are for trips to tropical destinations free from the cold of Minnesota. Well, I’ve never really been one to travel during the break (aside from last years’ abrupt trip to Florida) so this is nothing new for me, however; I do want to do new things. Just ones that don’t require a 4 hour trip at 3 am with high stress and luggage loading. (I will be the first to tell you that packing is not my forte.)

But what’s a girl to do?

1) Put the outside world on hold: This is YOUR time off so it’s okay to be a little selfish and focus on you for a few days. Turn off all beepers, timers, buzzers, updates etc. Don’t worry too much about news updates, this is you time.

2) Don’t DIY: You’re already doing the home vacation so treat yourself to a little bit of having things done for you. Get a cleaning service to clean once white carpets. Order in dinner from a place you’ve been meaning to try or, better yet, go out and take up the opportunity to explore a little bit of the world around you. Get a massage or a facial. Treat yourself for once, you deserve it.

3) Set the tone: Hide everything that reminds you that you’re not in some tropical space or wherever you choose “to be” for the time being. Play some music: if you go with the tropics maybe some Beach Boys or waves crashing. If you decide to go with ski resort Christmas music always does the trick of bringing you into a cozy setting – add some hot cocoa, fresh baked cookies, and a slightly underset thermostat next to an electronic fire and you’re set. Set up for whatever you’re in the mood for because, lucky for you, you can change your setting with a couple quick and simple switches.

4) Have fun!: Throw a game day event or a host a three-day film festival with a theme and enough popcorn to fill a swimming pool. Role play and pretend to be an entirely different person for the day; I’ve always imagined trying to fool people in believing I’m the 37th in line to the British throne because, why not? The possibilities here are only limited to your imagination.

5) Get out: Go to a museum. Go to a hundred museums. Go shopping. Go window shopping. Go people watching. Just get out and explore a little; there is so much inspiration that lies outside your door just waiting to be discovered!

6) Spa Day: Bring the spa to you! Get a couple of your girlfriends together for an at-home spa day or bring masseuse to you. Turn down the lights, light a couple candles, play some soothing music and get your relaxation on.

7) Get moving: Take a new exercise class that you’ve been wanting to try; I’ve been meaning to take up boxing for years just because I have this strange belief that maybe I’ll end up looking like Adriana Lima or at least pretty BA if that fails. If you don’t want to leave the comfort of your own home for whatever reason, don’t! Youtube offers plenty of options when it comes to fitness – try your hand in pilates, yoga, HIIT, ballet, etc. Anything you fancy is right at your fingertips.

8) Guest amenities: Treat you like a five-star hotel would treat you. Break out those silk pajamas and that terry cloth robe. Buy some chocolates with the sole purpose of placing them on your pillow after you’ve made your bed. Heck, fold your towels into different animal shapes. Have breakfast in bed curled up with fresh coffee and a clean slate for the day ahead. Get some high thread count sheets to use during your staycation and after. Be a good host, you deserve it.

The trick to making a staycation a vacation is by deviating from your norms. Do something different every day and your staycation could not only be less costly but also more relaxing, exciting, and enjoyable.