can fashion designer be a model

Can Fashion Designer Be a Model

Many fashion designers start out as models, but is it possible to be both? In this blog post, we’ll explore the pros and cons of being a fashion designer and a model at the same time.

Can You Be a Fashion Designer and a Model? Experts Weigh In

Fashion is a multi-faceted industry that offers a wide variety of careers. Two of the most coveted roles in the fashion industry are fashion designer and model. While many people might assume that these two careers are mutually exclusive, the truth is that there are many designers who have also pursued modeling.

However, whether it is a good idea for a designer to model their own clothing is still up for debate among industry experts. Some argue that designers should focus solely on designing and leave the modeling to professional models.

Others argue that designers who model their own clothing can bring a unique perspective to their designs and better understand how their clothing fits and moves on the body.

Breaking Stereotypes: Famous Fashion Designers Who Were Also Models

There are many famous fashion designers who have also pursued modeling. For example, Victoria Beckham modeled for several brands before launching her own fashion line. Alexander McQueen also modeled for his own label, as did Tom Ford. The late Karl Lagerfeld was also known for modeling his own designs.

These designers have shown that it is possible to be both a successful designer and model.

Fashion Industry Insider: A Look at Designers Who Double as Models

In addition to famous fashion designers, there are also many lesser-known designers who model their own clothing. For example, LA-based designer Rachel Pally is also a model for her own clothing line. New York-based designer Mara Hoffman has also modeled for her own brand. Designer/model duo Coco and Breezy are also well-known in the industry for both their design and modeling work.

These designers prove that modeling their own clothing can be a successful strategy for promoting their brands.

From Designer to Model: How to Transition Between Fashion Careers

For fashion designers who are interested in modeling their own clothing, the transition can be challenging. While a background in design can be helpful in understanding how clothing fits and moves on the body, modeling requires a different set of skills.

Designers who are interested in modeling their own clothing should be prepared to invest time and resources into building their modeling skills. This might include taking classes in modeling or working with professional models to learn how to pose and move on the runway.

A New Wave: The Rise of Fashion Designer-Models in the Industry

In recent years, there has been a rise in fashion designer-models in the industry. This trend is partially due to the rise of social media, which has allowed designers to promote their brands and themselves through modeling. Many designers have found success by modeling their own clothing on social media platforms such as Instagram.

Additionally, there has been a growing demand for models who are also designers, as brands are looking for models who can bring a unique perspective to their clothing. This trend is likely to continue as fashion becomes increasingly diverse and inclusive.


In conclusion, while some fashion designers may also choose to model their own designs, it’s not a requirement to be successful in the industry. Ultimately, it’s important to pursue the path that feels most fulfilling and true to your own talents and passions, whether that involves designing, modeling, or a combination of both.